Nepal is a Mountaineer country because 76 percent of the whole areas include mountains and hills. In addition, 24 percent land is covered by low land. Nepal has highest mountain of the world and scenic hills.

It has called “Agriculture” country. The tourism industry is a significant economic force, as backpackers, river rafters, mountain climbers and nature lovers trekked to Nepal in large numbers.

The Mt. Everest is the third pole of the world 8848masl. This pole is the highest land of the Earth; it is situated to north of the country. Snow land is started from 5000masl {Meter above Sea Level} and 6 percent land being have snow always. In addition, the lowest land of Nepal is 70masl. It lies in southern part of Nepal; the name of the District is Jhapa{Kanchan Kalan}.

Nepal lies between China and India. Nepal is in both the northern and eastern hemisphere. It is a landlocked country positioned on the India subcontinent of South Asia, and bordered by China {Tibet, North} and India {East, west and south}

If you are in Nepal or going to there {especially in Pokhara}, do not miss to go to trek if you have time, at least visit around hills of Pokhara valley… If you trek around the Himalaya of Nepal, you will see each day different landscapes. This is the country for nature beauty and shining mountains.