Rara Lake Trekking

Rara Lake trekking is a non touristic trekking that starts from Jumla and ends at Jumla district in mid-western region of Nepal. Rara trek is full of spectacular scenery, including beautiful huge hills although limited views of snow-capped peaks. The main focus of the Rara Lake trekking is to view the very popular and beautiful Rara Lake in remote Nepal which is rarely visited by tourists.

Rara Lake lies in the Rara Lake National Park area, designated in 1975. In most of the area in Rara Lake trekking tourists can observe the forest like fir, pine, spruce, juniper, cedar, birch, and rhododendron. The Rara Lake National Park is one of the best places in Nepal to see mountain wildlife including musk dear, goral, thar, Himalaya black bear, cats, wolves and the red panda.

Autumn and spring are the best seasons to trek in the Rara Lak


Day 01 Arrive Kathmandu 

Height: 1300m 

Meet with our representative at the airport. Drive to hotel.

 Day 02 Kathmandu 

Duration: 4 hrs 

Height: 1300m 

Half day sightseeing around Kathmandu. O/N at hotel.

 Day 03 Kathmandu - Nepalgunj 



Fly to west south of Nepal to train. It is warm and quite humid close border to India.

 Day 04 Nepalgunj - Jumla 

Duration: 40 minute flight 

Height: 2370m 

Fly to North from Nepalgunj crossing several hilly regions. If weather stay good can see the good views of snowcaps mountains to the east and west. Jumla town is in a delightful valley and here are the highest limits of paddy cultivation. The town is the administrative headquarters of the entire Karnali zone and Jumla district.

Day 05 Jumla - Dhanphe Lagna 

Duration: 7hrs 

Height: 3130m 

From Jumla there are two tracks to Rara. Normally people trek through lower route the trail follows the Tila river, passing through fields and pine forest. Arrive Uthugaon; the trail ascends up the Jugad Khola valley. Arrive Padmara passing through a deep forest of pine, spruce and firs. The climb continues in forest over the pass at 3400m and descends to Danfelanga. Overnight stop at the other side of Dhafelagna.

 Day 06 Danphe Lagna - Chautha 

Duration: 6hrs 

Height: 3183m 

The trails descend passing through fir, birch, walnut and bamboo forest. After crossing a bridge we start to climb and arrive Bhara (classic Tibetan style village) and then descend Chautha.

 Day 07 Chautha - Dhotu 

Duration: 6hrs 

Height: 2380m 

The trail climbs to Ghurchilagna pass ascending through forest with a few local teahouses and treeless meadow half way to the pass.

 Day 08 Dhotu - Rara lake 

Duration: 6 hrs 

Height: 3040 

It is a short, pleasant trek with fine views to the north. From Dhotu, we traverse a steep north-facing slope and cross a series of fields down to a small stream. Crossing the bridge, we climb up to the hamlet of Jhari (2500m.) From Jhari, we climb steadily up a ridge to a low saddle, from which there are fine views of the beautiful Rara Lake. From here, it is a pleasant descent to the meadows on the south side of the lake. The former village site of Rara (3040m.) is two hours walk along the western bank of the lake. Designated a National Park in 1975, Rara boasts an abundance of wildlife, including aquatic birds and rich forest around its large lake at a height of 2980 meters. This is an ideal place to relax for a day or two.

 Day 09 Rara Lake 

Duration: 6hrs 

Height: 3040m. Rest and explore Rara Lake.

 Day 10 Rara - Gorusinga 

Duration: 6hrs 

Height: 3190m 

After 15 minutes walk from Rara the trail ascends all the way to Gurchimara at 3710m.Then the trail descends to Gossain.

 Day 11 Gorusinga - Sinja 

Duration: 6hrs 

Height: 2440m 

A more interesting trail with better scenic views is to climb Lumsa. Arrive on the top and descend to Sinja the Thakuri village.

 Day 12 Sinja -Jaljal Chaur 

Duration: 5hrs 

Height: 3270m 

Most of the trek is through forest of pine, birch and oak, as well as a few scattered houses and fields of barley and corn. Then the trail makes a steep climb to Jaljala chour.

 Day 13 Jaljal Chaur - Jumla 

Duration: 7hrs 

Height: 2370m 

Keep climbing through forest to yet another meadow, just below the ridge at 3510m, then a pleasant descent to Jumla.

 Day 14 Jumla- Nepalgunj - Kathmandu 

Duration: 3hrs 

Height: 1300m