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Lower Dolpo Trekking

Lower Dolpo Trekking is another best trekking in Nepal. Lower Dolpo area, being one of the remotest and least exposed areas of Nepal, is isolated due to the difficult topography. Hence, Lower Dolpo trek still offers opportunity to meet the people and their lifestyle almost untouched and unexplored.

Visit to the Shey-Phoskindo National Park and the “Tarp Valley” are the most interesting and lively places that are enough to overwhelm visitors with the place and people completely uninfluenced by the modernization. The landscape, flora and fauna, Mountain View, rivers, water springs, flat roofed houses, chortens, monasteries and beautiful lakes are other main attraction of this trek.

This trek takes place in the north- west region of Nepal in the lower parts of Dolpo district. Lower Dolpo trekking has been exclusively designed for those trekkers who do not have much time but are willing trek in the remotest parts of Nepal.

As this trek penetrates in the lower Dolpo, it does require  special permit and royalty. Due to global warming sometime flight are irregular. Therefore, we have to charter helicopter occasionally for this trek and we may need extra time.Dolpo region trekking is the less touristic as well as adventure trek in Nepal. Dolpo is protected by the Shey phoksundo National park and that is the  biggest national park in Nepal with the area of 3555 square kilometer. Dolpo trek lies mid west north of Nepal.  The most of the inhabitants living in the northern side of the Dolpo untill boarder of Tibet influenced by the Tibetan culture and tradition. In the Dolpo trekking the Tarap village is most attracted. Phoksundo lake,gompas, Bon monasteries and Yak caravans  are amazing. The best season to trek to Dolpo is the March, April May  June to September.  

Trans-Himalayan ecosystem, alpine flowers, high passes, Snow leopards, and deer are the features of Dolpo trekking.