Flight Ticket

We offer you low fare flight ticket if you book through us as an advance of 3 months. We are authorized tickets stockist of different airlines. They are given below.

1. Buddha Air, for details click on

www.buddhaair.com (Most busy airlines relatively more expensive than others)

2. Yeti Air
www.yetiairlines.com ( Most punctual airlines)

3. Simrik Air ( Most popular for hilly area)

4. Tara Air (affiliated with yetiairlines.com (Fly only in the mountains)

5. Goma Air (Popular for Mountain cargo and also fly remote area with passengers)

For more details contact our sister travel company of Geo Space Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd.
Ph. +977-61-462910
Contact Person: Yadu Pokharel
Mob No +977-9856033910/9846085778